12 October 2012


Ok, so one last update before I drift off to sleep. Eddie's fever has broken and his potassium levels are now back to normal (thank you, Lasix). Those are the only things keeping him in the hospital, so the attending fellow just stopped by and asked if we wanted to go home now. Since it is 11:00p, Eddie is fast asleep, and I don't have a car, I figure we'll stay put and get a good night's rest at the hospital :-)

Unfortunately, since the tissue samples from today's biopsy weren't sent to Pathology early enough, we won't have those results until Monday afternoon. Luckily, we don't need to wait here until then since he isn't showing any clinical signs of rejection.

Otherwise, all of his labs look great with levels landing within appropriate ranges.

A bit surreal, but also wonderful, to be back in the hospital and seeing so many familiar faces. Also great to see all of the progress on the new wing . . . can't wait to see our friends in the Cardiac ICU in their new digs next Spring.

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  1. Glad that things are looking good. I'm sure that one long night in the hospital in enough deja vu for you, right?!
    Still praying for Eddie, his parents, his siblings. You are all awesome!
    Love you.
    Mom P