16 October 2012

Home Again and Waiting . . .

Eddie is back home and doing very well. His fever broke early Saturday morning and his potassium levels quickly came back in line. His cardiologists thought one of his meds (Enalapril) may have been a contributing factor to his potassium spike so they've discontinued it permanently. Woo-hoo! One more drug off the list bringing us to six total:
We are still waiting for the biopsy results. After talking to the Heart Center yesterday, it may be Wednesday before we get clear line of sight. Fingers crossed.

Big thanks again to Eddie's team of cardiologists, surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, and coordinators for making a nerve-wracking process manageable. As you can see from the picture, everyone loves Eddie and, for a parent, it's so comforting to see your child taken into the OR in the anesthesiologist's arms rather than on a gurney. Thank you Seattle Childrens!


  1. Catching up... glad to hear that this procedure went well... boo for having to do an overnight.

  2. Is that the chicken beaver I see? Glad to see his smiling face!

    1. Chicken beaver, indeed. And still with the original ankle bracelet tied around its neck!

      We miss you, Emily!

  3. I miss you guys too! Think about your family and Eddie often. I hope you guys are doing well! Can't believe how big Eddie's getting :)

  4. We LOVE seeing you and Eddie, although we'd rather just read about his progress in a blog:) GO EDDY.
    Denise (anesthesiologist)