12 October 2012

Post-Op Update

So Eddie came through surgery just fine. As expected, the surgeons had to feed the catheter through the groin since he doesn't have good neck access (Eddie, not the surgeon), but there were no subsequent complications.

However, during the course of the day, the doctors noted that Eddie's potassium levels were quite high which can be problematic for heart function...potential for irregular rhythms, etc. So as a precaution, he is being admitted and will stay at least overnight. We were hoping he would spend the night at home, but we had also kept alive the possibility of an overnight stay so not a complete shock.

Regarding the biopsy, the surgeons took seven tissue samples and early results could be available tonight. Will certainly provide updates as they're available.

Thanks for the many thoughts and prayers as we once again haunt the halls of Seattle Children's.

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