28 April 2012

Pump #3

It appears likely that Eddie will need yet another Berlin pump since the fibrin deposits have grown larger and they appear to be darkening. We've sent photos to the Berlin Heart folks to get their assessment, but there is little doubt we'll need to move forward with a pump change.

Similar to last time, Eddie will be intubated and anesthetized during the entire procedure. Unlike his previous episode, however, the doctors are comfortable doing the change at bedside rather than taking him to the OR.

For those that weren't following the blog back in late March, you can read about Eddie's first pump change here and here. We hope everything goes as smoothly this time as well.

If everything goes as planned, we'll start the procedure around 11am PDT. Will send any updates prior and will definitely post a follow-up status after we're done.

Adding image of the developing clot so you can visualize what we're talking about.

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