28 April 2012

No Surprise

Well, not surprisingly, Eddie did awesome and he is enjoying his 3rd Berlin pump and a cold cup of milk. Procedure went as smoothly as it could. The doctors were worried beforehand about the potential for fracturing the cannulae since this is the second change and the tubes can only take so much tightening before they crack. However, the tubes are holding up very well and no post-op concerns.

Eddie will now begin antiplatelet therapy so we'll probably be talking about dipryidamole, or Persantine (brand name) in the coming days much like we've been talking about Heparin.

Eddie's old pump will now be used for training purposes here at the hospital. Previously, all pumps were returned to the Berlin Heart company, but now that the clinical trials are over, we can keep the pumps and use them how we see fit. Way to contribute to science, Eddie!


  1. Sounds like that post should have read 'got milk?' ;) You guys are learning a lot . . . and informing us about a lot - this blog posting is really great and keeps everyone interested because of your writing style - hehe I read the magazine article too - nice job!
    Sending hugs and prayers . . . and thomas dreams and a never-ending supply of red popsicles and milk!

  2. Glad to hear everything went well! Stay tough, Eddie!

  3. So glad to hear that Eddie is doing fine after all that has been happening in last few days. Think of you guys often and am happy to hear how the hospital and staff are rallying around Eddie. He is a cutie and one tough little boy. Prayers everyday are sent your way. Hugs to all! Jody aka Mimi (Shannon's mom)

  4. I am away from the computer for a day and look at all that happens! So thankful to hear that all went well with the new heart pump. We have been fasting for Eddie again today. That's about all we can think of to do for you all. Most of all we keep praying that the doctors will know exactly how to care for Eddie in the best ways. Love from all of us!