29 April 2012

Eddie 3, Invasive Foreign Objects 0

I forgot to mention that Eddie pulled his chest tube out last night. For those keeping track, that makes one breathing tube and two mediastinal drainage tubes.

The good news is that we were seeing only 10-20 ml of serous fluid each day and were pretty close to removing already. The incision site is hidden under his Berlin dressings so we can't access it until his next change (tomorrow). So we're hoping the biggest problem will be a round scar rather than a nicely sutured incision.

As a precaution, we ECHO'd him today and there didn't appear to be any significant pericardial fluid buildup as of yet. We'll keep an eye open, but as usual, Eddie knew what was best for him and took matters into his own hands.

Eddie's friendly Hermit Crab

On a walk to see the Hermit Crab

Through the fish tank

Fun with trains, markers, and Aunt Courtney


  1. Bright eyes on our sweet little Eddie! So happy to see you drawing and keeping Thomas company. I hope you enjoyed playing with Aunt Whitney and Courtney. They sure had a good time being with you!
    Grandpa "D" thinks you should try not to do the doctors' job; stop pulling on those tubes and hoses :-)
    We love you, Eddie! Keep getting stronger!

    Grandma "D"

  2. That last picture is a heart breaker. He's such a cute kid. I feel I love Eddie so much an I've never even met him in person! What a brave child and what a brave family. You are in my prayers and thank you for letting us be apart of this journey.