24 March 2012

Heart Transplants in the News

Some of you know that Dick Cheney had an LVAD implanted a few years ago. Well, it appears after waiting for 20 months, he finally got his heart today. I can't say I'm a big fan of our previous vice president, but it's wonderful to see the process work the way it should and his prominence didn't move him to the front of the line.

Note that the LVAD Mr. Cheney received is identical in function to Eddie's Berlin Heart. However, since research into adult heart disease is substantially ahead of pediatric research (and since adults are bigger than kids), he was lucky enough to have an implanted pump rather than an external one like Eddie.

Here's hoping that Eddie doesn't wait anywhere near 20 months!


  1. Here's to the transplant being when Eddie is most ready and the Heart is the best it can be. Keep fighting Harpers! Love and Prayers to You All!. Thanks to the Drs. and Staff for the constant care.

    We Love You Eddie!

    "Grandpa D"

  2. Thinking of Eddie and you guys today as every day...Hope he had a restful Sunday and that his wait is short! Take care! Hugs...Jody (Shannon's Mom)

  3. The Berlin heart is so fascinating to see! We'd miss out on that if it were implanted! I am awestruck with the absolute miracles being performed in operating rooms and hospitals. So grateful Eddie is in a place to be getting such wonderful care. We hope they have some miracle tricks up their sleeve to keep a three year old entertained and happy as he is weaned off the sedatives. We are praying for the best heart at the best time and a quick recovery. We hope this can be a good week for all of you. We love you!
    MOM in Las Vegas