26 March 2012

Back in Surgery

Eddie just went into the OR since he needs another PICC line in preparation for his eventual transplant. Beginning to feel the strain a bit of this ongoing saga. Hopefully will have an update soon.


  1. You can do it Harpers! You are the Hospital Harper Heros! On a side note I think this may be the only hospital that I've seen a sign posted for a Rocket Elevator (have you ridden in it?) and Whale Zone (have you had a chance to observe?). We love you guys and don't forget to
    B.R.E.A.T.H.E. (Break,Regroup, Eat And Then Hug Each other...technically I realize this would then be B.R.E.A.T.H.E.O, but that's not as cool.) And just in case you've forgotten, WE LOVE YOU!

  2. Sorry for the Extra Worry and the hard time on EDDIE, I am so thankful that people know how to help him! Praying that everything will go well and get him back where you can see him and touch his hand. We love you guys! Hang on, to each other.... I listened to Kent's talk on the Atonement twice today, I'm sure that Eddie is Special and there are those here and there rooting for him... We'll see you soon.... maybe we can take a shift?


  3. Hi Harper's~back to the ER Eddie goes. Poor sweet boy. Thinking of you guys as usual. Please keep us updated when you can grab a second. Love you guys!

  4. More prayers today for all the Harpers. Sure love you guys! It is hard even just to read about and think about all these surgeries for little Eddie. Can't imagine how hard it is for you to live through day by day. You are doing an amazing job at being the parents he needs in this situation. The Lord is building on such great strength in the two of you and your family. We will keep praying for a transplant to come soon. Lots of love from all of us!