21 March 2012

First 24 Hours

Sleeping quietly . . .

Eddie's constant companion . . . air compressor driving his heart pump . . . all the way from Germany!

The pump itself . . . Eddie's temporary new heart.


  1. What a miracle! Oh sweet, sweet boy it's so nice to see his face. Love you all!!!

  2. Amazing! So grateful for the doctors/nurses and medical technology! What a sweet boy. Take care of yourselves. Our family sends lots of love and prayers. We love you guys.
    The Hoofmans

  3. Very nice to see and hear the system keeping Eddie alive. I'm so glad he is sleeping quietly and I hope that the two of you do so soon too. It does sound louder than I would have thought. So Grateful for all the smart people who have made this possible, and all the prayers and help from others with your family. I too am looking to see the chest move up and down and especially to see his smile when he wakes up out of sedation. So grateful for his progress!

    "Grandpa D"

  4. Wow! What a cutie! Glad to see him sleeping peacfully. That heart is something else. Thanks for the pics. It makes it easier to show the kids. Love you guys!

  5. Love and prayers for Eddie, your family and the doctors.
    Mrs. Archuleta

  6. Wow. Still can't believe what your poor little guy has gone through. Thanks for the pictures. We love you all!