23 March 2012

Changing of the Guard

After a week of non-stop hospital duty, Sarah is finally going home to spend the night in her own bed. The ICU is pretty crowded so we've been asked to vacate the honeymoon suite and move into Eddie's room...not the most comfortable place to sleep, but at least they won't need to page us the next time Eddie decides to create mischief for his nurses.

Today was a relatively quiet day as Eddie continues to recover and wean off the battery of medications he's been relying on to keep him comfortable (Dilaudid, Versed). The plan is to taper off over two weeks or so to prevent Eddie from suffering painful withdrawal...which means that the Eddie we know and love will be a little slow to return.

Now that his breathing tube is out (Thanks, Eddie!), he is speaking a little bit but continues very hoarse and, let's be honest, pretty grumpy. At least Sarah was glad to hear him say "Mommy" several times. No sign he remembers my name ;) Someone from Speech paid a visit this afternoon to check his throat and his ability to swallow, etc. The recommendation is to wait until Monday to start any oral nutrition since he isn't quite ready. Hopefully we can sneak a bit of apple juice into his gullet over the weekend :)

We haven't really talked much about the other kids, but they are holding up well. "Stefano" is on a camping trip this weekend, "Liz" is looking forward to a trip to the ballet store for her own pair of pointe shoes, and "Janey" the mover and shaker is busy with a birthday party and starting a write-in campaign to recognize hula hooping as a sanctioned event in the 2020 Olympics (fingers crossed that the fourth bid is the charm for Madrid, although their logo choice doesn't bode well)! That leaves "Phil" who undoubtedly will keep Grandma and Grandpa busy with some mischief or other...what would we ever do without him?

And a final piece of great news I forgot to mention...Eddie has been reactivated on the transplant list. We had to inactivate him immediately following his surgery and we thought it would be 4-5 days before he'd be back on. But his recovery has been so impressive that everyone agreed to reactivate him after only 48 hours. Woo-hoo!


  1. It's so great to hear how Eddie is doing, thanks for all of the updates. We're so glad he's doing so well since the surgery--what a little trooper. Enjoy your comfy window seat-bed in his room tonight...You may get about as much sleep as Isaac's Scout Leaders get tonight I'm guessing!

  2. Very happy this morning to hear that EDDIE is back on the transplant list!. Sorry that Eddie doesn't know how to say John but maybe he just doesn't feel the need to communicate since you're always there. Nice to hear about the other kids and what going on. Looking forward to a good week of getting stronger and Eddie communicating better and seeing him. WE LOVE YOU ALL!

    "Grandpa D"

  3. What good news about the transplant list! Hopefully things continue to improve. :)

  4. Great news to be back on the transplant list...fingers crossed look forward to see the positive news continue!!

  5. Wow! He's an overachiever making the list after 48 hours! Way to go little man. It's great to hear about the other kiddos. I really feel as if Ian and Ryan were really meant to be twins, but the Lord knew that one family couldn't handle the awesomeness so he sent them as cousins instead :). I hope these next few days can be filled with lots of rest and love and recovery for everyone!