02 May 2014

Two Remarkable Years

Hello Dear Family and Friends:

Another milestone as we celebrate Eddie's 2nd heart birthday today. We haven't posted many updates since that beautiful day two years ago, but we are anxious for you to know how he is doing and to see for yourself what he's been up to . . .

Forgive the brevity, but I am exhausted . . . and am only still awake because I'm committed to having this post time stamped on May 2!

And I need to make a special call out to my parents, Jack and Judy Harper, who are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary today! We love you and hope you guys are having a blast on your trip.

Thanks to everyone for continued thoughts and prayers. Eddie is a miracle, but you are all angels.

The Harpers
2 May 2014


  1. John, thanks for sharing Eddie with all of us! It is so awesome to see him growing and living a great life!

  2. John, what a beautiful family you have. Thanks for sharing his story with us.

    Albert Adame

  3. loved it - Eddie has a contagious smile for sure! thanks for sharing the memories and update =) love you guys!!

  4. Think of you all often and you're still in prayers. Hope all is well. - Robyn L. Pok, NY

  5. Thank you, Robyn! Eddie is doing great and enjoying 3rd grade. So hard to believe we have come this far.