08 April 2012

Weekend Happenings

Since Thursday's excitement, we've been focused on helping Eddie rest and recover which he is doing pretty well. As we speak, the nurses are reading to him and he's fighting the urge to fall asleep. His recovery seems to be on par with the Berlin implantation . . . slowly exercising his vocal chords and muscles. We hope that by the middle of the week he'll be back to the same level of energy as last Saturday . . . when he was out of bed, drinking juice, and playing with his toys.

I haven't written much about the rest of the family since Eddie has been the center of attention, but with the beautiful weather this weekend, probably a couple things worth mentioning.

First, Pinewood Derby week is upon us and Dad has been behind schedule . . . as of Saturday morning, Ian's car still looked suspiciously like a rectangular block of wood. So out came the jig saw, sander, and spray paint and we spent the early afternoon creating our masterpiece. Since we're still waiting to add the racing stripes, you'll have to wait until Wednesday to see the finished product. Welcome to Cub Scouts, "Phil"!

Of course, before we could work on the car, everyone had to lay waste to the neighborhood landscaping in the 3rd Annual (I think?) Miller's Homestead (Phase II) Easter Egg Hunt! (I sense a really catchy marketing jingle coming on for next year). Everyone had a blast as evidenced by the photos below . . . look at that blue sky! Viva la spring in the Pacific Northwest.

As if Easter Egg hunting and Pinewood Derby car building wasn't enough, we managed to pile the kids into the van and visit Eddie at the hospital. And then (joy of joys), grandma offered to sit with Eddie while the Harper clan went off to enjoy the afternoon on the waterfront. What started as a valiant effort to traverse Marsh Island (you'd think the name would have been enough of a warning), quickly became a canoeing trip around the arboretum. Funny how much easier it is to navigate the channels without the lily pads!

(DISCLAIMER: Before the sharp-eyed critics notice that the south pavilion of Husky Stadium is still standing, I admit these pictures were taken last summer . . . but it really was this beautiful yesterday, I promise. Where was my camera when I needed it?!)

Some Easter thoughts to come in a separate post . . . we love you!


  1. Sounds like a great easter!!

  2. So very glad you got some sunshine! What good it does for the soul! Loves and hugs.


  3. Gorgeous! We sure miss you guys. Looks like a blast! If we ever make the trek to Seattle someday, Marsh Island will be on the list of things we'd love to do!! Happy Belated Easter to you all! Love you guys.