21 April 2012

Saturday Snaps

Another good day with Eddie out of bed quite a bit. Still not ready to test out his legs, but happy to test drive his "cheesy" smile.

As most of you will remember, it was three weeks ago today that Eddie got out of bed the first time. Wonderful photos and lots of enthusiasm. Then Sunday happened . . . and was followed by ten excruciating days of uncertainty, three open chest surgeries, and most importantly, an amazing recovery.

Needless to say, we are cautiously optimistic about the week ahead for Eddie.

Gastronomically speaking, he's pretty attached to milk, water, and fruit roll-ups right now. The milkshakes, waffles, chocolate cake, and other "high lipid content" foods we're pushing at him get the cold shoulder. Not surprising, really, considering that he's being infused with a pretty high-calorie mystery cocktail through his NG tube. Bon app├ętit, Eddie.

Also some photos of our brief expedition to Seattle Center for the opening day of Next50. My Microsoft colleagues will recognize our gnomish friend making guest appearances all around the city.

And finally, April 21st can't go by without wishing our friends in the UK and Commonwealth nations felicitous birthday celebrations for the lovely Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor. Happy 86th!


  1. Hello Harpers from Ryan and Elana Jensen and family. We've been following your blog from down here in Utah and just wanted to let you know we are keeping Eddie in our prayers and are very pleased to see the extraordinary resilience he has shown and the recovery he is making. Best wishes to him and your family!!!

    1. Hello Jensens! Thank you for the wonderful note. Your love and support means so much and we are so glad to hear from you.

      One of many amazing coincidences over the past few weeks . . . we have become very fond of Linda (Childs?) in the Seattle 3rd Ward since she comes and visits us (and many other LDS patients) almost weekly. I believe she said Ryan is her nephew.

      All the best to you and your entire family.

  2. Oh, so fun to hear from the Jensens--we miss you guys! Also, I just love those pictures today of Eddie--he is looking so great and I especially love seeing those smiles on his face....What a cutie indeed! As always, thanks for keeping us up to date through this blog--it's great.

  3. So good to see pics! It doesn't get easier seeing his little body all hooked up with so many tubes but the smiles help. Hope you are holding up as well as you write. We continue to think of and pray for you often!

  4. We have been so happy to read all the good news lately. Glad to see Eddie up and smiling. We will continue to pray for stability for that cute boy! We know it is still very difficult but hope that things will remain on the smiling end of difficult for Eddie and all of you right now. Love you guys!