10 April 2012

Here We Go Again . . .

Eddie's chest tube stopped draining this morning and his morning ECHO showed another pocket of fluid building up in the pericardium. Most likely a clot has developed inside his chest blocking the drain, and he'll be going back into the operating room in about an hour. This is essentially the same operation he underwent last Tuesday and Thursday . . . but at least he doesn't have any clots in his heart this time . . the potential clot blocking his chest tube is in the pericardial sac rather than the heart itself.

Update to follow after Eddie is safely back in our arms.


  1. OH MAN! I was hoping that today would be another restful one for him and you guys over there. Eddie is so strong and such a miracle! Love you guys and thinking of you!

  2. I was hoping for no news today to ruin the peaceful weekend you guys had. Will pray for another miracle day for Eddie in surgery. Love you all!

  3. Thoughts and prayers with everyone during this surgery. Thinking of you guys!