14 April 2012

Friday Snapshots

Yesterday was a good day on many fronts. Eddie went to the Fluoroscopy lab early in the morning and passed his liquid swallow test with flying colors. He also managed to down a couple Doritos with a delicious barium dip concoction . . . apparently they've taken my menu advice to heart :-)

The picture below is Eddie sitting in the fluoroscope waiting for his test to begin. Pretty amazing piece of equipment and surprisingly delivers relatively low doses of radiation. Unfortunately I don't have the video images right now, but the hospital has been kind enough to burn a DVD so we can snuggle up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and presto . . . movie night!

The net result of his fluoroscopy is that he can drink anything without restriction and he is also clear to eat purees (apple sauce, yogurt, pudding). We'll wait until next week to start solids as the Speech team will work more directly with Eddie at the bedside. All in all, great news! And not surprisingly, in addition to several ounces of apple juice, Eddie went straight for the cherry popsicle.

Eddie also managed to go on a field trip around the ICU in his new personal trolley. Other than heading to the OR or cath lab (not happy memories), this was his first trip outside his hospital room in over five weeks. It was great to see the nurses and doctors cheering for him as he made his journey. We hope to get out again today . . . maybe in a wheelchair this time.

Overall, Eddie has had a couple good days in a row. We are still playing around with his Heparin a lot due to changing lab results and chest output. As of now, his chest tube is putting out mainly serous fluid, but it definitely has been turning pink over the past 24 hours. This follows exactly the same pattern as previously when we had to send him back to the OR, but we are being more interventionist with our Heparin doses. We're crossing our fingers that we can keep his bleeding under control while avoiding any clots in his pump. The small speck of fibrin buildup from Thursday disappeared yesterday morning with no ill effect.

And as proof that Eddie does watch something other than Polar Express, here he is watching (surprise of surprises) . . . Percy's Chocolate Crunch. Sense a theme?


  1. Yeah for popsicles and Percy! So happy to hear Eddie is doing well today. We will continue to pray for him to be stable and avoid more surgeries until transplant time. We put you all on prayer roll again yesterday. Hope you get to enjoy the springtime view outside your window at least. Love from all of us!

  2. What a great day!! Eddie looks fantastic! Is it normal to cry(happy tears) while watching someone eat a popcicle? We are so sad to hear about Lucy's unfortunate turn of events. Such a bummer! However, we would love to see some video of her dancing if you had some. Love you guys!

  3. So great to hear of such great progress! I also loved the video of him eating his popcicle---maybe not a big smile from him, but the look on his face and determination to eat it was priceless! Yeah for great days and sunny weather outside and inside his room :)

  4. Glad to hear the barium swallow study went well - we are very familiar with that one here also - it's pretty cool to watch the eating, chewing, swallowing mechanism on film...

    Also glad that Eddie is progressing well!

  5. i saw this in the meridian magazine, as i read it, i knew the lords hands were in this and still are, to see Eddie go through such a huge medical trauma and overcoming, his wonderful parents who have given there all to get there son through this, and his siblings loving there brother and giving of themselves for the betterment of there family, with the love and strength that you all have, your faith in heavenly father, and the love of his son, i know the lords hand will be with you and Eddie, and his will , will be done, god bless you all, and especially Eddie..