04 April 2012

Day 30

Good morning, everyone. I know many of you have been waiting patiently for an update, so here's what we know:

Yesterday's ECHO didn't show much of a change in Eddie's clots . . . still roughly the same size and in roughly the same place. This is good since we know they are still in his heart and haven't migrated somewhere more dangerous. Also, since clots tend to establish themselves more firmly over time, there is the possibility they will become more embedded and less mobile which, in the near term, may be a good thing since they don't seem to be obstructing blood flow through his heart. We will continue to monitor his clots through daily ECHOs.

We scheduled a care conference yesterday afternoon with Eddie's doctors to understand where things stood and get a comprehensive picture of his care options going forward. The net result was that we felt it best to take a watch-and-wait approach rather than take any interventional steps (surgery, specialized anti-clotting drugs). With constant monitoring and a bit of finger crossing, we would hope for the best.

Not long after the care conference, however, the team approached us and said they needed to take Eddie back to the operating room since the bleeding from his chest tube was increasing and was increasingly bloody. After much discussion with colleagues around the world, the doctors and surgeons felt it was getting to the point that we had to take the risks of surgery to identify the source of bleeding and try to stop it. This was around 6:00p last night.

About three hours later, we received word that Eddie was stable and recovering nicely. They had found one artery that was bleeding a bit, but mostly there was diffused and general bleeding and it was difficult to pinpoint the source. They closed him back up with the hope that the bleeding would slow down, but there was no smoking gun.

As of this morning, he is still intubated (on the ventilator with breathing tube) and he is still bleeding. He is awake and responding to us and we are so grateful to have him with us. We will have a more detailed discussion with the doctors in the next hour and will share news as we have it.

As you can tell, Eddie is very critical. We love him, and are so proud of his strength . . . he inspires us every day with his tenacity. Thank you for your prayers . . . we feel them every day.


  1. Eddie is in our prayers. Hang in there guys.

  2. Eddie is a rock star! Seriously cannot believe how tough he is. Hang in there, John and Sarah. We are all in our prayers.

  3. That boy is amazing. Praying, praying, praying for all of you. Thanks for the update. We worry about all of you. Love!

  4. The reality seems very daunting. I am amazed at your continued ability to stay close to the spirit and cherish every moment with Eddie! He is very lucky to have such faithful, loving and dedicated parents in his corner fighting for him!! There is very few passing moments that we don't think of all the Harper's! Love you guys!

  5. We echo Shannon's remarks! How we love and pray for you! We admire your strength and your complying to be strengthened even more than you thought possible. You may feel like taffy from all the stretching you've had to do in these past few months, but just keep swimming! Love you guys!

  6. Praying for you all, John. God bless.

  7. Again, Eddie shows what a strong little boy he is! We are praying everyday, several times a day for Eddie and both of you, Sarah and John. Several Oakdale prayer groups and individuals have Eddie in their prayers...Cannot imagine what a rollercoaster you two must be on but do know that Eddie, Isaac, Lucy, Ian and Eva are so lucky to have such dedicated, loving parents. Caring hugs and love to you all! Jody and Dennis Scroggins