16 March 2012


Well, this is going to be a very brief update since I'm typing with my thumbs! The thrill of sleeping in my own bed last night was so overwhelming that I forgot to bring my laptop to the hospital. For those counting, that was nine consecutive nights sleeping in the ICU penthouse suite . . . will definitely post some pictures soon.

Eddie is definitely sad to be back on ECMO since it limits his movement and he requires more sedation. That said, I left him just a few minutes ago and he was resting peacefully. The nurses really did a great job cleaning him up earlier today and he looks so handsome considering the circumstances.

We've had a slight hiccup this evening since he tested positive for rhinovirus so is now in isolation. Basically means the nurses have to wear gowns, masks, and gloves and his door needs to remain closed. The virus certainly isn't dangerous, but it could impact his eligibility for a transplant if left untreated. He has no symptoms and is not outwardly sick, but the cultures came back positive so we have to take precautions.

Otherwise, it was a quiet day around here. Had a couple nice visits and were blessed with a few Trophy cupcakes from our guardian angels (you know who you are!)

Promise to share a more comprehensive update tomorrow once I can type with all eight fingers and two thumbs :-)


  1. Glad to hear you got to sleep at home. Josh and I have been wondering how you were holding out so long at the hospital. I hope Sarah's night went okay. It was great to talk to her for a few minutes last night. I am continually impressed with the strength you two are mustering in the midst of all of this. And I am thankful for all the people taking care of you up there! I hope Eddie and all of you have a good night. Love and prayers from all of us!

  2. We went to the Temple again Last night, It was nice that you could be at home in your own bed. Thanks to you John, we appreciate so much for all you do to keep us on top of what is going on, and for being the Father of your great family!. I'm not excited that EDDIE'S under the ECMO but if it helps his lungs to get stronger and allows him to have extended possibilities, I'm for it. I hope Seattle has a great day today and EDDIE gets stronger. We love you all so much!