14 March 2012


Good morning, everyone. Eddie had a pretty good night and is more alert than ever . . . which also means he is more frustrated with his breathing tube and his inability to talk. He has been pointing at things all morning trying to tell us what's on his mind, but we have to stumble around asking Yes or No questions until we figure it out.

During morning rounds the doctors agreed he is doing well, but his cardiac functions are a little weaker than they would like. He has a fair amount of fresh blood in his lungs and his renal (kidney) functions aren't great. The plan is to monitor him over the next 12-24 hours to see if he gets any worse. If he does, we may need to consider alternate support.

All things considered, it's wonderful to see him looking more like our Eddie!

More soon . . .


  1. I wish I was there with a Thomas Train by his bedside....or reading him a story. Breathing is sometimes hard when you are used to doing by yourself. Maybe give him something to do like an etch a sketch. I'm wondering how John is doing? I'm grateful that your parents will be there today.

    Thanks to all who are taking care of all of you!

  2. Can't even imagine how hard a breathing tube would be for a three year-old! Glad to hear he had a good night. Hope he continues to improve today!

  3. We're going to record storytime at the library next Tuesday and send him a video. Everyone at the library wanted you to know they miss him and Sarah.

  4. Hi guys! I, too, am wondering what activities would be fun and helpful for Eddie to keep him both entertained and distracted from all the medical things going on to him and around him? Do you have enough movies(thomas, dinosaur train, chuggington, etc), music, pictures?? I'm sure you have plenty of books for him. Let me know what, IF ANYTHING , that could be helpful to you guys and him.
    ~Love from California!
    PS~What is Eddie's favorite animal?

  5. Just sending some more virtual hugs and good thoughts. All of you are on our minds and in our prayers. Lots of love to you.

  6. I wish I had written down each number as I looked at the blog... Like many it has become a morning noon after work and late at night time thing. Now it seems it is every hour or so, luckily I don't work on my phone and don't know how to get the blog there, otherwise it would be constant. Just a couple of weeks and we can be there. This morning I'm number 12063. I can't say that each moment I think of you all, but most of the time I find myself thinking of what is going on and prayers being said and thoughts and wishing that all could be perfect for him and you and everyone. Too much time on my hands some would say. I try to do what I told Courtney and Whitney go find someone and make their day special...do something to help them up. I just wish that I could take away the pain and worry. Just a Grandpa with too much time on his hands.