12 March 2012

ECMO Trial Update

Some encouraging news this morning as they clamped off Eddie's ECMO circuit about two hours ago. So far the trial is going well. He is still hooked up to the pump so if he begins to struggle, the nurses can turn the flow back on . . . but for now, he is responding well. Good heart rate and blood pressure and this morning's ECHO is definitely showing some improvement in his left ventricle function, i.e. much better squeeze than last week. Picture of the ECMO device is below . . . the blue cylinder with the red lid is the pump (heart) and the white diamond-shaped unit to its left is the oxygenator. You can see the inbound/outbound tubes on the far left side of the image.

The plan for the day is to continue monitoring his progress and make a decision this afternoon about whether or not to decannulate (remove the ECMO tubes from his neck). We'll share updates as we have them, but right now we are just happy to see him make it this far.

Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers . . . they truly make a difference.


  1. What a miracle! We're so glad he's showing signs of improvement. He's a fighter! Love you guys!

  2. Eddie is such a fighter!!! Woot, woot you show em slugger! Loves & hugs
    The Townsends

  3. So happy to hear it is going well! Thanks for all the updates. We check for them a couple times a day! Hope you are all hanging in there. The amazing Harpers are always on our minds and in our prayers here at our house. Hope you are all feeling the help and strength that you need right now. Love from our family!

  4. So Grateful that Eddie is holding steady and improving some functions. Wonderful Nurses keeping track of him... All of us trying to keep track of YOU as well. So many prayers are being offered in your behalf....many times each day.

    Tickets are purchased for us to be in Seattle during Spring Break. Can't wait to be there to give you all real hugs! SO GRATEFUL FOR ALL OUR FAMILIES UNITING BEHIND YOU & EDDIE!

  5. Such good news!! Glad Eddie's heart is continuing to improve. Wow, the tubes are inserted in Eddie's neck??? That is crazy! Poor sweet Eddie. Is he still mostly sedated? I can't imagine any kid that was aware would not want to pull and tug on those tubes. I hope you both, and the kids, are holding up?! Love you guys.