28 February 2012

We got our pager!

Yet another step closer to transplant.  The transplant coordinators told us that when a heart becomes available, they'll try our phones first, so the pager has lost a bit of its panache.  But still--it makes all of this seem more real.  For me, it's a bit like the president's red phone in movies.

Eddie is getting his belly back!  His pants still need a good hoist every 5 minutes because they just won't stay in place, but his stomach seems to be filling out.  Hurrah!

Thanks for the hugs, email, phone calls, games on a Sunday evening, voice mail, rides home from ballet, visits to drop off a little something for Eddie, lunchtime pep talks, cards sent to my kids, afternoons away for my careworn older children, so many other kinds of help and offers of help...there are some pretty grim moments I face every day and what you do has immediate effects.  I'd saved that frozen shepherd's pie for a rainy day when I'd have to choose between something like getting laundry done and making dinner, and it really comforted us tonight.  Thank you, I'll find out who you are someday.  I'm getting lots of great ideas for when I'm back in the helping saddle again, you are all such great examples to me!


  1. A pager is exciting! We wish we could do something more than pray for all of you. We are glad to hear that there are many hands there answering our prayers. Love you all!

  2. I think it’s great that hospitals are utilizing pagers not just for the doctors and nurses, but also for the patients and their families. They gave you the pager because pagers do send and receive messages slightly quicker than cellphones in hospitals. I read that Eddie’s transplant went great. How’s he doing these days?

  3. Pager, pager, pager… Well, this probably the most convenient way of communication, especially in companies with a fast-paced environment. Well, this is in terms of sending information within your co-employees in a much faster rate. Anyway, how is Eddy? I assume that he has recovered by now.