21 February 2012

Making it Real

Quick update. Just got off the phone with the hospital and it's now official . . . Eddie is on the transplant waitlist as status 1a, by exception (read sections 3.7.3, 3.7.4, and 3.7.5 here if you're interested in the arcane details of organ allocation and status determination). UNOS will hold a conference call with our doctors two weeks from today to review the exception details (hypertrophic condition and aborted sudden cardiac death episode), but no one believes they will challenge.

So now the wait begins . . .

Thanks to everyone for your continued thoughts, prayers, flowers, treats, meals, kind words, hugs, visits, childcare offers, rides . . . the list only continues to expand and your creativity seems to know no bounds.

We love you!


  1. Glad to hear that it is all underway. We hope the time passes well for all of you. Can't imagine that any of this is easy. More and more prayers from us. Ephraim NEVER forgets to pray for Eddie's heart, to the exclusion of everything else some days:) Love you guys!

  2. Sending along my thoughts to you and your family. I hadn't had the opportunity to get caught up until now. I really appreciate the thoroughness of your postings. And to see pictures of Eddie along the way.