31 January 2012

Eddie and the EEG

Today Eddie went to Seattle Children's in Bellevue for an EEG. This was to discover whether there might have been a neurological cause for his collapse January 8th. It is also great to have a baseline for his brain activity as he begins treatment for his heart condition.

We kept him up 3.5 hours later than normal last night, and he didn't take a nap yesterday, so he was extra tired. He was quiet and still as the tech attached the electrodes to his scalp and a couple to his chest. I was so glad Eddie was able to fall asleep on demand so patterns during sleep could be measured.

We dropped John off for a day's work after the test, and Eddie and I bought milk and a few things at the grocery store. He was still in his green striped sleeper and had really crazy hair from the goo and the stuff that took the goo off. We discovered we could make it to story time at the Duvall library, which Eddie hates to miss. After that we got Eddie dressed in the car and he played at the park by our house, pushing his bear in the swing . . . he had a great time. It was so nice to see him active and happy.

We had so much help and compassionate visits from friends today. The kids were taken care of before and after school, we had a fabulous hot dinner brought in, and we got lots of hugs and even some yummy cookies! Eddie and I actually took a short nap together too, once all the excitement was over.

Thanks to all who helped in so many ways today--we couldn't make it through without you all! Keep us in your prayers tomorrow. We hope for the best possible results after his catheterization.


  1. Thanks for the posting! It is so comforting to be able to see his smile in the pictures and hear that he managed the procedure so well. He...and you...are in our thoughts constantly. Good luck today with the catheterization. Love you! MOM P.

  2. He looks like he could be Joe straight out of Blues Clues! I love story time too Eddie. It's one of my favorite times of the week!